12 interesting facts about tornado

Like any other natural disaster, tornadoes remind us of how puny we humans and our structures really are. Here are 12 cool facts about tornadoes, read andtheir while you hide in a damp, dark basement from the strongest storm on the planet.

1 - Tornado the most intense thunderstorms on Earth
Tornado the most intense storms on Earth, trumping even the mighty hurricanes. They can demolish entire neighborhoods in a matter of seconds. Like a big reset map to original view, it easily absorbs the attributes of civilization - buildings, vehicles, and creatures and throws them miles from where they were raised. These natural bullies excessively destructive.

2 - We still don't know enough
Despite the fact that the tornado is one of the most intensively studied phenomena of the weather, people remain akaraseni when it comes to the formation of a tornado. We still don't know why some storms produce them and others like storm, no. We still don't know enough to predict them more than a few minutes before their formation.

3 - Tornado invisible
It's true - the tornado is invisible, like the wind, literally. What you see of a tornado is moisture in the air, and a large amount of dust and debris the tornado has picked up along the way. Remember that when you see a tornado, it is not necessarily what you see. This may be more than you think.

4 - everyone has their own Smell
Hunters tornado say that each funnel has its own unique type of personality, with a distinct smell and color. Tornado, as a rule, like a blank canvas, taking on the characteristics of the landscape which takes place. When a tornado plows through a farmer's field in Oklahoma, for example, red is the top layer of soil makes the funnel red and you can smell the fresh sunplow a land.

5 - They are - the Perfect storm
In a way, a tornado is always the proverbial "perfect storm". Atmospheric conditions must be just right, like Goldilocks. Too much heat or too great a pressure differential, and a funnel probably won't appear.

6 - "Tornado Chaser" is a real job
There are different types of T-hunters, trained by professional researchers, to thrill-seekers who do it as a form of entertainment. This latter group, dubbed "Yahoo persecutors" of their scientific colleagues, has become more common in the age of YouTube, the entire network becomes crowded with movies when spring storms vryvaetsya in the center of Tornado Alley.

7 - the Worst of them don't have a funnel
Classic tornado looks like a funnel, but really, they come in all shapes - cylinders, wedges, ropes, and many others. The wider they are, the more damage they can cause. The widest tornado recorded in history was several miles wide, with predictably horrific consequences for society, which they wrecked.

8 - Open the window pointless
A tornado destroys the myth that if you open the Windows it is possible thereby "lower the pressure", to protect yourself from broken glass. Despite what you may have heard, it is bad advice. Closing the window leads to delay and this is best to run at most critical. If you want to avoid flying shards of glass, seek shelter in a room without Windows.

9 - They can happen anywhere
Although some places are more prone than others, tornadoes can and do occur everywhere on Earth. They aren't as geographically tied as many believe. A tornado can materialize over any kind of terrain, including bodies of water, mountain peaks, and dense urban areas. When atmospheric conditions are just right, mother nature doesn't care that is at the bottom.

10 - Hide in the ditch will not help
One of the tips in the occurrence of a tornado is to hide in ditches because a tornado supposedly pass right over you at the ground level. People: do not seek shelter from a tornado in a ditch. It does not throw by not taking you. Many people died as a result of this bad advice.

11 - Some completely harmless
There is a "SuperCell" tornado and the "non-SuperCell" tornadoes. Massive, as in Hollywood movies, it gets its energy from a larger storm system.

On the other hand, it is the tornadoes, they are usually harmless. Its Foundation is weaker than the "SuperCell".

12 - dust devils are not Tornadoes
A tornado is defined airflow patterns, not by how it looks or what weather conditions contribute to its appearance. The definition of "Tornado" is continuously a rotating column of air reaching from the ground to the cloud. That's why the so-called "dust-tube tornado," is a true tornado.

And that is why the "dust devils" of the American southwest are not true tornadoes, as they are formed in cloudless days. The absence of clouds means that there is nothing they touch the sky. Also differ from the true tornado windy "gustnadoes," Chilling "firewhirls," and toxic volcano tornadoes - affectionately called"volcanadoes."


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