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The capital of Peru located on the shore of the Pacific ocean. Was founded by Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro on 18 January 1535. Local Indians call the city "the city where the sun never shines". All because of the huge smog and heat that loomed over him. But this does not stop tourists who want to walk through the historic center of the city with its Spanish colonial mansions. Or to get into the area of theatres and restaurants of Miraflores. Quarter nightlife Barranco. Visit Indian markets, or lovers ' bridge, the Puente de Los Suspiros.



A city with a very ancient history, which began about 3 000 years ago. The capital of the Incas. Translating from the local language, Cuzco means "center of the world". Stands at a height of 3 500 metres. Here preserved many of the Inca buildings. The entire city declared cultural heritage of humanity.

Machu Picchu


 In Cusco, is the most mysterious and famous monument of the Incan culture. Stands at a height of 2450 m. Here in 1532 all the inhabitants mysteriously disappeared. Historians suggest that this structure was created as a sacred mountain shelter for the rulers. The discoverer was Professor Hiram Bingham with the help of local. Machu Picchu has a very clear structure. The stones are processed so tdateline which is very similar to the hand of the craftsmen who built other buildings. In the rocks there is a space of emptiness, which is filled with stones so tightly that experts can't explain how it was done. Unfortunately, the day to visit Machu Picchu can only 2,500 visitors, and the mountain to climb, maybe only 400 people. UNESCO needs to cut up to 800 people a day for the safety of the monument.



 National Park. An area of about 335 000 hectares. On the territory of the Park is found about 100 different archaeological sites of an ancient civilization. In coastal waters inhabited by various species of marine animals, 200 species of birds. Also, this reserve is the large colony of sea lions.

Lake Titicaca



The largest freshwater lake in South America. The uniqueness of lake that it is inhabited by fauna, which mainly lives only in the ocean, even sharks. There is a lake at an altitude of almost 4,000 metres. The basin area of 8300 square meters. Studies have shown that in the past the lake was a sea Bay. Geologists believe that before the lake was part of the ocean about 100 million years ago. According to legend, at the bottom of the lake there is a town called Wanaka.



The so-called valley of the generated 26 rocky pyramid of natural origin. Their height reaches about 40 meters. Previously, they served as pillars of the culture center Department of Lambayeque. Local shamans Túcume is attributed healing power. Around the pyramids they organize their rituals. The local people are afraid of these places and call it "purgatory".

Chan Chan


An amazing huge city with an area of 28 square kilometers. Built in the 1300 from clay and sand and stones and was one of the most powerful military structures of his time. In its heyday there were about 60 000 people. The city has kept gold and silver in large quantities.

Andean chandelier


Giant geoglyph on the slope of the sand hills near the town of Pisco. 128 meters long and 100 meters wide. The thickness of the lines is up to 4 meters and up to meters deep. To this day do not know how he appeared there and is considered one of the most mysterious places on the planet.

Colca Canyon


The world's deepest canyon. The depth of 4160 meters. Here you can enjoy the flying birds condors. The national pride of Peru.

The Nazca Desert


Located on the South POBeregie Peru. Got a reputation as a very mysterious place thanks to a group of giant geometric shapes, stretching more than 50 km away. Today, there are about 30 drawings. Which include bird, spider, monkey, flowers. In the desert about 700 different pictures. There is speculation that the Indians who lived in these parts are thus communicated with the deities.

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