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Torres del Paine



National Park in Chile with the local translates as "blue tower". It was founded in 1959. The area of the Park about 2 420 square kilometers. In the Park there are many mountains up to 3 000 m, fjords and lakes filled with fish, waterfalls and forests. The symbol of the Park is 3 vysokovatye, needle-like mountain located in the heart of the Park. Just South is lake Nordenskiold. The climate is temperate.

One of the most visited places in Chile. For the year about 2 million tourists.

The Park is open all year. Entrance costs $ 30. Here you can fish, go rock climbing, travel on horseback. What would drive around the area you will need about a week.

The Mountain Of Santa Luzia


 In 1541 on the hill of Santa Lucia rose Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia. Seeing the bottom of a beautiful view, he decided to found a city there. Thus appeared the city of Santiago. Climbing the hill to a height of 520 m, you will see a beautiful view. Locals say that the hill you should climb on foot.

Valley Of The Elqui


 This valley is the birthplace of the famous Chilean drink – a grape brandy Pisco. Almost all the river is covered with vineyards. Hereyou can meet the Chilean winemakers and watch the process of creating the drink. Also if you get to the town of Vicuna or Pisco Elqui can stay on the camping and at night enjoy the cleanest air in the world. Locals say that once the sky was without clouds of 240 consecutive days. Also for $ 10 you can visit a local Observatory. The largest in South polusharii.

Easter Island


 The famous Easter Island with its statues. Located in the southern part. The height of the statues, about 20 m. To date and not known how these statues came to the island. Locals believe that the heads themselves came somehow to the island.

The Rano KAU Volcano


 Extinct volcano on Easter island. Its crater more than a kilometer in diameter and forms a spectacular amphitheatre of about 200 meters deep and contains a lake with fresh water. Depth to 10 feet. The summit offers a majestic view. And the shape of the volcano protects plants from strong gusty winds. Also in the middle of the volcano there is a village ritual.

The valley of geysers El Tatio.


 In the midst of one of the driest deserts in the world the Atacama desert is the mysterious valley of the moon. It is surrounded by mountains with jagged white ridges. And 90% of the valley consists of salts and carbonates. Here some of the most unique landscapes on the planet. If you look closely you will realize that you are on the moon. Here you can find a lake with a large capacity of salt. But the interesting thing here is the geysers at an altitude of 4200 meters. In the valley about 80 active sources. And the height of the eruption reaches up to 30 meters. Tatio is translated from the local means "the crying old man." His profile you can see the outlines of the neighboring mountains.

The Chilean lake district


 The place where the water more than land. 12 major lakes and dozens of small ones. Rivers, waterfalls, glaciers. A place that the Spaniards could not conquer about 400 years. In the lake district, about 7 national parks. Alerse Andino - with evergreen forests. Vicente Perez Rosales with Osorno volcano. There is also the island of Chiloé where the forever fog. There you can get acquainted with the local folklore traditions.

Palacio De La Moneda


 The residence of the President of Chile. The Palace was built in 1784 by the Italian immigrant Joaquin Toesca. In the past served the role of "mint". Tourists rush here to watch the ceremonial changing of the guard under military band.

Penguin colony on Magdalena island

 By the end of October, more than 60,000 pairs of penguins swim to the island. On the island is the number of penguins that they cover the entire island like a carpet. Make noise, run, and disturb the birds on the island is strictly prohibited.

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