The pseudonym of an English graffiti artist. The artist's identity is shrouded in mystery and has not been installed for the duration of his activities. Rumor has it that the real name is Robert or Robin Banks.

The first mention in Benxi start somewhere in the 1990s. He was into graffiti and was a regular writer. The drawings started becoming bigger and ostrosotsialnye. The police are seriously engaged in the calculation of his personality. In 2006, in one of the music stores CDs with album Paris Hilton was quietly replaced by CDs with tracks of his friend and drawings in Benxi.

Due to its style and sharp subjects which are addressed in the works of the artist quickly gained popularity in England, and then around the world. But while remaining anonymous.

In 2010, Benxi participated in the Berlin film festival with his film "Exit through the gift shop". About the Director, a lover who tries to show the audience the world of the underground. On the red carpet, the artist appeared incognito. In 2011 the film was nominated for the award "Oscar" in the category "Best documentary".

In January 2011 the interest in the personality of Benxi has increased significantly. On the Internet there was a rumor that eBay was put up for sale an unusual item. A piece of paper on which was written the true name in Benxi. The seller claimed that he revealed the identity of the artist comparing data on sales of his works and tax records. Starting price of the lot was 3000$. About 40 bets a lot grew to$ 999,999. But a lot was deleted. The case involved the police. It was predpolozhenii that lot put himself in Benxi or one of his associates.

In June, one of the works in Benxi under the name of "slave labour" was sold for the amount over 250 000 euros.

In October 2013, Benxi in new York staged an exhibition. Every day on the streets you could find him a job or installation.

In the fall of 2014 there were rumors that Benxi finally computed and detained under vandalism. But the information is not was anyone confirmed.

The most expensive work in Benxi was sold under the hammer for $ 1.9 million. 12 Oct 2013, Banksy staged a "secret" sale of their work near Central Park in new York. Passers-by could freely buy any painting of Banksy for only 60 $. I did not know that these works are originals, and the real price of every canvas is not less than 30 thousand USD. In just one day "mystery" of the trade Banksy sold eight customers, three of his paintings


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