Interesting optical illusion

Optical illusion referred to as errors in visual perception that occur as a result of the inaccuracy or inadequacy of unconscious processes correcting the visual image or more simply an optical illusion. Under the cut I want to show you a selection of images that are easily able to deceive your vision.


1. Find exit from the maze

How many seconds turned to find him?

2.Hidden goose

The original paintings in the genre of surrealism contain a lot of puzzles and hidden images. For example, in this picture the artist has hidden the image of the goose. But find it is not easy.

3. You can't trust anyone, not even myself

If you focus on sight picture (not to blink and do not move your eyes), then it will disappear.

4. The whole world is a palette, and you — the artist

Open the first drawing and watching 40 seconds in the red dot, then staring point, open the second drawing.

5. Beautiful girl

Look at the red dot on the girls nose for 30 seconds. Then put the eye on the wall, ceiling or other solid surface and quickly blinked.

opticheskie-illusii/Optical_illusion_7.jpg" alt="" width="600" height="754" />

6. Butterfly

Roll the mouse wheel up and down to increase the effect.

7. Illusion shelves

The yellow ball on the top shelf. How many balls on the bottom shelf?

8. Black dots

Count the number of black dots.

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