16 cartoon characters in real life

It's amazing how many people in the world who look exactly like cartoon characters. Or that fans imitate their favorite heroes or cartoons begin to imitate us, or cartoons secretly penetrate into our lives.

 Elsa from "frozen"

Grandma and Canary Tweety from the "Looney Tunes"


Carl Fredricksen from the movie Up

And this is Russell from "Up"

Chef Remy from the cartoon Ratatouille

Girl Boo from "monsters, Inc."

Edna mode from "the Incredibles"

The cat-Batman


Johnny Bravo in real life

Eric Cartman from "South Park"

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Peter Griffin in real life

Khal Drogo and the Scar from the cartoon "the lion King"

Greyhound and Sid from "Ice age"

Selma and Patty Bouvier from "the Simpsons"

Sad cat and Master Shifu in "Kung fu Panda"

Walter white and Ned Flanders

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