Sniper one shot... one kill

Facts about snipers

The term sniper was developed in the 19th century during the British Raj in India.

The term referred to a hunter of game who used optics.


Ghillie suits were developed by Scottish game wardens wild birds in the 19th century to catch poachers.


Hiram Berdan (North) and Robert E. Lee (South) for the first time in history created units

sharpshooters, this happened during the American civil war.


The Germans during the First world war, was the first to use specially trained snipers.


The Russians were the first who used the snipers who worked in a team of two people.


Hesketh Pritchard opened the first sniper school for the allies. (During the First world war in the UK, trained both

British and American snipers.)


Kipling invented the game KIM's (training of disguise and espionage) taught by canadian snipers.


The best estimate as to the average number of rounds expended per kill in the Vietnam conflict

(for U.S. Army soldiers) is 200,000. The average rounds expended per kill by U.S. army

in Vietnam 1,3


The first sniper school, U.S. army, was established in 1954-55 during the Korean war


The current U.S. army sniper school was established in 1987


During world war II, German snipers recieved the following rewards:

50 kills - wrist watch

100 kills - hunting rifle

150 kills - a personal hunting trip with Heinrich Himmler


The US army has set standards that the soldier who shoots with the M16A2 rifle at a target in human growth, at the distance of 300 meters will get only 10% of cases. But for the U.S. army, this standard RAveins 90% at the distance of 600 meters with the M24 SWS rifle. That is at least better 1,800% compared to the ordinary soldier.

The best sniper among women was Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a Russian sniper

The second world war. She is credited with killing 309 enemy soldiers....

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