Eden Project – the garden of Eden in the British Isles!

Eden Project, or in other words "garden of Eden" was the plan of the British environmentalist Tim smit. The idea of the project is to collect a variety of plants from around the world and to grow a garden in this wet and unstable English climate. This idea was supported by many architects and engineers; and a construction site was chosen County Cornwall (Cornwall), which is located in the South East of the UK and, in 2001, at the bottom of a deep pit, where it was formerly a clay pit, has grown an unusual greenhouse complex - Eden Project.

When you stand and look down at the Eden Project, before you open a fantastic painting like the huge eyes of the giant dragonflies watching you! Huge, light, semi-transparent domes, made of hundreds of hexagons, covered with a light plastic are floating at your feet is a giant biome, which is stored and grows tropical life!

Fantasy – like feel on another planet! The path leading to the biomes, just buried in the abundance of greenery: the sea, bright flowers, exotic trees and incredible shapes of the shrubs. And at the bottom you expect a giant bee, which sits among the flowers at the entrance to the biome as a symbol of life and ecology.

When we enter inside the first biome, the person immediately strikes a real African heat, and you find yourself in the tropics: this is the Rainforest Biome. The hot air is filled with moisture creating ideal conditions for the growth of exotic plants, of which there are many - this palms, bananas and fruit trees papaya, Cola, coffee bushes, pineapples and bright colors unimaginable forms. Here, under the light domes of this "garden of Eden", flowing streams, cascading waterfalls and lush tropical vegetation grows!

Almost half of the day you can walk along the many paths, climb mountains, cross raging rivers, to smell the flowers and finally sit down at a café under palm trees where you can rest and enjoy a Cup of coffee....</p>

But ahead you can see another biome – the Mediterranean!

This biome is a bit smaller and the vegetation more familiar to us – cactus, cypress, tobacco, lemons, oranges, grapes and flowers found in our gardens. The air here is much drier, but the same hot and it's all thanks to a transparent film domes that maintain the ideal temperature for plant life.

Tour this wonderful tropical Paradise will take the whole day, how can you not want to leave! We return on the train, which takes us back to the top of the pit. We looked down at the bottom, in the evening stood lightweight and transparent domes of the Eden Project biomes. The mood was upbeat around smiling and joking people.

Yes, the British are amazing people! In the country, which is on the island with a very stable climate, they built this wonder, to make people more happy and kind, sending a core message to everyone to keep our Planet green!

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