Cheddar cheese is a special pride of the British

It is the village of Cheddar is located in the County Somerset (Somerset), gave the name to this traditional English cheese. The village is situated in a narrow mountain gorge (Cheddar Gorge) in the South-West of England. Since ancient times, there flowed a subterranean river from year to year, washing away huge caves, which was subsequently settled by ancient people.

In our days, in these humid caves have a naturally constant temperature, is stored and Matures the famous Cheddar cheese. The maturation process lasts from several months to 5 years, creating an unusual variation of taste and intensity.

The villagers are sure that only here you can try real Cheddar and visit the underground caves, and to see one of the wonders of England, Cheddar Gorge is a picturesque gorge, in which is located their village.

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