The island of Tenerife with its beaches of black sand

The island of Tenerife (Tenerife) - one of the most amazing places on Earth. He belongs to one of the 7 Islands of the Canary archipelago. Here on the island of eternal spring reigns, where the temperature ranges from +20 in the winter to 29 in summer is a Paradise for tourists all year round!

Interesting facts about animals

This article presents random facts about animals

Kandovan cave life through the ages

The village of Kandovan (Kandovan), with its cave settlements, located in the North-West of Iran. The first ancient dwellings were carved into volcanic mountains more than 700 years ago.

Cave fireflies

In the North island of New Zealand near the town of Waitomo, the caves of Fireflies

Meteora monastery in Greece

Nearly 60 million years ago Meteora was a prehistoric sea bottom. Over time, the water receded and, under the action of winds and temperature changes, formed of a huge rock and as if hovering in the air stone pillars, which means "Meteora - "suspended in the air"!

The phenomenon of the river Severn - the “Severn bore”

A unique phenomenon can be seen on the river Severn (River Severn), when a powerful stream of water moves in the opposite direction of the river.

The Romans in England

At the beginning of the 1st century ad Roman legions invaded Britain. Destroying everything in its path, on the one hand, on the other hand they brought with them a higher level of civilization.

Lewis Carroll in Guildford

Walking the streets of Guildford (Guildford), understand why this city inspired the famous English writer Lewis Carroll's the second book about the adventures of Alice – "Alice in Wonderland"

Interesting facts about India

How much do you know about India, one of the oldest civilizations?

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